Kaweco D1 refill 0.8 blue ink

עוד לא קיימות ביקורות
45.00 NIS

חישוב המשלוח בקופה


יחידה אחרונה במלאי

  • Comfortable and beautiful – the particularly soft paste in our leads ensures an indescribably easy writing feeling – for extra comfort when writing texts for longer and uniquely beautiful writing
  • Rare findings – Kaweco offers the D1 lead in 3 different line widths – you will hardly find this from other brands – in addition, our replacement leads are thinner and finer than conventional leads
  • Branded accessories – the original replacement refills especially for our elegant ballpoint pens – they fit different ballpoint pen ranges and we offer you a selection of colours and line widths
  • Quality since 1883 – The production is carried out by hand and individually inspected in the pencil city of Nuremberg. First-class quality functionality and best service have always been at the forefront of our philosophy
  • The perfect writing tool is guaranteed to be found in our extensive range – from pencils to fountain pens to ballpoint pens – there is something for everyone

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