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Rotring Drawing Ink 23ml Bottle, White

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Brand Rotring

Colour White

Amount 23 ml

Rotring White Isograph Ink is a highly opaque ink suitable for highlighting sections on technical drawings, illustrations and such like. Alongside other Rotring Isograph ink colours black, red and blue they all are suitable for use on tracing paper, lineboard, standard paper. Once empty simply remove the cartridge from the back of the pen and top it back up then put it back onto the pen.

Cleaning tips
Remove the nib and leave overnight in a mix of Fairy liquid and warm water this will break down the shellac in the ink and keep the ink flowing
To reduce the risk of blockages on the finer nibs, 0.10, 0.13 and 0.18 keep the inside of the cap damp. The moisture and humidity will help the ink flow

product number S0216550

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