Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen

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Nib Size:
Color: Yellow

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 Originally issued as a baptismal pen around 1900, its chapter pen has been restored as a fountain pen perfect start for students and beginners. It continues Kwaku's familiar combination of classic and unconventional styled elements with an octagonal lid, a 16-sided barrel and a cool two-tone motif. Its triangular grip section makes it easy to grip at the best angle for smooth ink flow and effortless writing. The transparent threaded section where the grip meets the barrel serves as a hidden ink window, allowing you to check the ink level without completely loosening the barrel.




Steel nail with a dark blue finish.
Triangular ergonomic grip section.
Snap cap.
One blue ink cartridge is included.
Kwaku manufacturer
Body material - plastic
Lid or removable - snap lid
Can be fastened - no
Converter included - no
Diameter - 11.5 mm grip
Diameter - maximum 15.9 mm
 Cartridge filling mechanism - long international standard
Cartridge - short international short, converter
Material - plastic
Can be refilled with ink - yes
Length - covered 13.9 cm
Length - Posted 16.0 cm 
Length - 13.0 cm without cover
Nail color - dark blue
Nail material - steel
Nail size - thin
Pre-installed ink color - blue
Interchangeable tip - no
Tip type - nail
Weight - 8 grams
Weight - 5 grams
Weight - 12 grams

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