Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen

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This sports fountain pen is made in Germany, it is made of fine aluminum and a stainless steel nail, the lid is opened with a sturdy screw that holds the cartridges gently and stably. . An ink cartridge goes into the pen barrel. Its weight is perfectly balanced, and its construction is well built. The design and functionality become

The pen is packed in a metal box by Kawko.


Note: The metal body of this pen can be eaten by prolonged contact with ink. Be sure to clean the ink that comes up on its surface.




Black body color

Aluminum body material

Covered or removable - screw

Can be winked yes - clip sold separately

Converter not included

Diameter - 9.5 mm grip

Diameter - maximum 13.7 mm

Convertible dropper i no

Compact features

Filling mechanism cartridge - standard international shorts, converter

Gift set no

Black grip color

Metal grip material (aluminum)

Can be refilled yes

Length - covered 10.6 cm

Length - Published 12.8 cm

Length - 10.1 cm

Silver color nail

Nail steel material

Fine nail size

Pre-installed ink color blue

Interchangeable tip yes

Nail Tip Tip

Weight - barrel (empty) 10 grams

Weight - covers 9 grams

Weight - a complete pen 19 grams




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