Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen

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The sporty and compact look of these mechanical pencils transcends time and are as attractive today as they were when they were first created years ago.

The top of the button has a removable lid to expose the lead pipe, and through it you can insert pieces of lead for refilling. We recommend filling with no more than 3 pieces of lead to avoid lead quarrel.

Pencil dimensions are 11 cm long and 13 mm in diameter.

Black body color

Aluminum body material

Can be winked yes - clip sold separately

Diameter - grip 13.1 mm

Diameter - maximum 13.1 mm

Compact features

Black grip color

Metal grip material (aluminum)

Top button of a leading promotion mechanism

Lead colored graphite

Lead size - diameter 0.7 mm

3.3 mm lead sleeve length

Length - body 10.9 cm

Fixed sleeve type

Weight - whole pencil (with lead) 0.91 g / 26 g

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