Jacques Herbin

Jacques Herbin Prestige Essential ink bottle 50ml - Rouge d'orient - 13169JT

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Red is the color of colors : it is the symbol of power in Antiquity, happiness in China or passion today. Rouge d’Orient is at the same time a dark and vibrant shade, and has a royal intensity.

Without overload or artifice, with a sober and elegant brightness, Jacques Herbin inks (Made in France) echo the shades of watercolor colors. They are the accomplices of any amateur or connoisseur of the arts of pen and graphic arts, artists and travelers.
  • 50ml bottle or 7-pack of International long cartridges available
  • Non toxic, pH neutral
  • Water based, all natural dyes, flows smoothly

        קוד מוצר - 13169JT
        EAN- 3188555131695

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