Jacques Herbin

11016JT - 7 Jacques Herbin Prestige cartridges Bleu austral - International size - 11016JT

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This box includes 7 long standard international fountain pen ink cartridges of Jacques Herbin Bleu Austral.

Jacques Herbin Bleu Austral, translated as Southern Blue, evokes the turquoise reflections of the South Seas. It is a radiating turquoise blue in a deep, intense, and haunting tone.

Established in Paris in 1670, the Maison HERBIN initially specialized in the sealing wax, fine stationery and ink trade, and imported shellac from India. Since this founding their aim has been to "Give body and color to our thoughts." The adventure of one of the oldest ink makers in the world began over three hundred years ago but its products have expanded into a complete universe of inks, writing instruments, stationery, and other goods for amateurs and connoisseurs of the lettering arts.

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