Kaweco Special Fountain Pen - Black

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Nib Size:
Color: Brass

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With a thin design and an octagonal barrel shape that is special to Kaweco, the special is a classic addition to any collection. The barrel and lid of this fountain pen are made of solid brass fabric, which can be polished to a glossy finish or allowed to age and develop a unique patina. The lid can be closed by threading it on the thread at the end of the barrel.

The pen comes in a tin gift box with one blue ink cartridge included inside the pen barrel.

If the cartridge appears to be stuck inside the barrel, try gently tapping the barrel on a hard surface several times to dislodge it.



Model Number KAWECO 10001390
Barrel color - Black
Barrel material - brass
Lid or removable - screw cap
Can be fastened yes - clip sold separately
Converter included - no
Diameter - grip 8.2 mm
Diameter - maximum 10.5 mm
Convertible dropper - no
Cartridge filling mechanism - international long standard
Gold color
Grip material - metal (brass)
Can be refilled with ink - yes
Length - covered 14.2 cm 
Length - Posted 16.8 cm 
Length - not covered 12.1 cm
Nail color - silver
Nail material - steel
Nail thickness - very thin
Pre-installed Ink Color - Blue (Royal Blue)
Interchangeable tip - yes
Tip type - nail
Weight - barrel (empty) 20 grams
Weight - covers 10 grams
Weight - whole pen (empty) 31 grams

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